2019: Empowered by YOU

Are you feeling the insane pressure to approach January 1st with a list of goals a mile long?  

Does the phrase “new year, new you” send you into a bit of a panic? 

I’m going to tell you a secret- “new year, new you” is complete BS.  

It implies that you must go into this 365 day period as a perfect human with goals that must be accomplished.  So you start the year trying to make things happen from a place of guilt and lack, as opposed to moving forward from a place of loving self growth.

There’s nothing wrong with using this time to set some goals.  I LOVE goals.  But it’s all about the approach and mentality.  Big audacious goals sound nice, but what happens in 2 months when you are burnt out from unrealistic expectations and have no sense of self- love left?  And beyond goals-What INTENTION do you want to bring with you into 2019?  What are some themes you want to manifest into your life this year?  

What about New Year, SAME you instead?  With a focus on self growth from a place of pure love.  That’s why I created this special three session mini coaching program! 

2019: Empowered by YOU  Ι $250

What you’ll receive: 

  • Three 50 minute sessions via phone call over a three week period (one session per week).
  • Prompts to guide you in reflecting on 2018, so you are crystal clear on what you want to leave behind and bring with you into this new year.
  • Guidance setting realistic intentions and goals for 2019.
  • A holistic approach for setting these goals-together we’ll look at every aspect of your life and how one depends on the other.
  • Action steps to live out these intentions-not just for a few months, but for the whole year.
  • Tools for reaching your goals from a place of empowerment and self love.  
  • Support, encouragement, and a safe space to get vulnerable and explore your deepest dreams and desires for the year ahead.   

Are you ready to build on your strength and embrace the amazing human that you already are?!  

Email me at Gina@RunningWildWellness.com to sign up for this mini coaching series.  I can’t wait to create magic with you!