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The Keys to Building Self Confidence

I talk a lot about self love and self confidence.  I’ve always been aware of it’s importance and the need to love yourself before you can love others fully etc etc (which, by the way, is an ongoing practice).  Which sounds great and all, but I recently realized that maybe not everyone knows where to begin with this seemingly easy (but actually…

Why You Should Use Positive Affirmations

“I am” and what follows it is one of the most powerful phrases we can possibly conjure up.   I’ll save the monstrosity and power of mentality and positive thinking for a different post, but know that the effect of what you tell yourself and the conversations inside of your head is more than just woo woo shit.  Every single one of us has the power…

My Pillars of Health: Part 1-Sleep

I know that sometimes the wellness world can be insanely overwhelming with new information being thrown at us on the daily.  Should I drink matcha or coffee? What’s a weighted blanket? And what about CBD oil? I geek out over the trends (some forever keepers, some silly!) just as much as the next health freak, and there’s no doubt they can up our…

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I believe in kindness, medicine in the form of food, and inspiring others to be their best selves in order to live life to the fullest.

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