What’s The Secret To Staying Healthy While Traveling?

“How do you keep up with your healthy lifestyle while traveling?”


One of my most FAQ’s.  The best part about my two passions of wellness and travel, is that they can co-exist.  You don’t have to forgo your health while traveling! Some travel situations present opportunity after opportunity to up your wellness game, while others challenge every healthy habit you’ve ever implemented (cruise’s, I’m lookin at you).  But it IS possible to go on new adventures while still putting your health first. So, what’s the secret?




Too many years and stress later, I’m finally learning that the secret (to life, basically) lies in going with the flow!  Taking the pressure off to be perfect. Who wants perfect anyways?! When I backpacked Thailand a few years ago, I can not even explain how concerned I was before I went that it would totally derail me.  How would I get my work outs in? How would I eat vegetables? Because, you know, they don’t have vegetables or anywhere to run or do squats in foreign countries.

I have come such a long way since then, thanks goodness.  The best thing you can do while traveling is let go of rigidity, and have GRACE with yourself.  The whole point of traveling is for experience, so don’t waste any of your precious jet lagged energy worrying about how to keep up with your routine from back home.  It probably won’t be possible to, and that’s OKAY.

But, there is a lot you CAN do and still enjoy every aspect of your trip.  No matter where your adventure takes you!


So what does keeping up a healthy lifestyle while traveling look like?



Eat locally

What are the locals eating?  What is this particular country or state known for?  Often times in terms of local produce, it’s abundant and easy to find! And if you are traveling somewhere tropical, take advantage of all the amazing tropical fruits!  Your body responds really well when you eat “in season.” Are you in a cold destination? Nourish it with warm soups and tea, and try to avoid raw foods. On the other hand, warm destinations have all the smoothie and fresh veggie bowl options!  The freshest, most nutrient dense foods will always be the most local.


Carry a reusable water bottle  

This is a game changer.  Not only does flying itself totally dehydrate you, but traveling can often be hectic and drinking water is the last thing on your mind.  If you bring a water bottle with you, it’s a constant visual reminder to drink up! Plus, you are often out exploring without water readily available.  Fill your bottle up before leaving in the morning, and top it off when you get the chance. Being hydrated effects everything, and you will feel 100% better in general if you keep your water levels up!  Bonus, it will definitely help the jet lag.


Bring small comforts of home

I’m not talking your entire closet.  But little things you are used to having in your routine can make a big difference in terms of feeling grounded.  Sleeping mask-game.changer. I honestly always thought they were pointless until I brought one with me to Costa Rica and it saved my sleep multiple times while in a hostel/dorm.  Also crucial for red eye flights. Another small, light item to bring is resistance bands! They weigh practically nothing and you can do so many different exercises with them. Essential oils are also something I won’t travel without.  From calming blends to help me sleep, to more energizing ones for time difference woes, they can be so helpful! And we can’t forget snacks.  My life life.  Bringing healthy snacks with you can be a life savor!  Plus, it will keep you from giving in to overpriced, gross airport food.  Some of my favorite travel snacks are Epic Bar Jerky, nut butter travel packs like RX bar’s that you can put on crackers, and Perfect Bars.   


Move in new ways

If you are staying in a hotel, there is usually a convenient gym you can use.  But most of the time, you won’t be making gym time a priority while exploring a new place.  Instead, get creative and try local ways to workout! Running on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.  Plus, that sand is an extra calf workout. You can also use those resistance bands you packed and workout in any small space!  Opt for a long walk instead of taking a cab somewhere. Or, try something totally new! Are you in a place that’s known for surfing?  Or maybe there are some amazing hiking trails nearby? Or even some rock climbing? Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! In my opinion, that’s what traveling is all about anyways 🙂



Seriously-most importantly.  Stressing about staying in your health routine while traveling will do more damage than anything else.  Don’t forget you are here to enjoy yourself and experience a new culture. Sleep in, eat the local bread (or in my case in Costa Rica-banana bread. Holy yum), and be as present as possible!  Nourishing your soul is way more crucial than kale bowls and gym time.


What are some of your favorite healthy travel hacks?!


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