How To Have a Healthy Hustle

Hustle.  The H word that no one really likes to hear these days.


It’s popping up in the wellness world with a negative connotation.  A lot of people think that hustling means giving up EVERYTHING to get what you want.  


While this absolutely can be the case, it doesn’t always have to be.  


The truth is, to get what you want (especially in terms of being an entrepreneur!), you’re going to have to embrace the idea of hustling.  You’re going to have to work really freaking hard and stay intensely committed. You’re going to need to be resilient. You’re going to end up giving up a few things.  You’re going to have to show up fully for your goals. But, in a HEALTHY way.


Hustling doesn’t need to mean lack of health or immense loss.  What’s the difference between a not so healthy and a more positive hustle?

An unhealthy hustle means sacrificing yourself and your body. Unhealthy decisions. Not drawing a line between taking care of yourself while working hard, and just losing yourself in the work.  

A healthy hustle looks like putting yourself first while simultaneously putting in the work.


So how exactly do you have the best of both worlds?


Time Management

I’ll admit, this is actually something I really struggle with!  But, it doesn’t mean I’m not constantly striving to have a healthy relationship with time.  The biggest thing for me has been switching the mindset from “there’s never enough time” to “I have plenty of time.”  Because really, it doesn’t matter if there are 24 hours in the day or if there was 40, we would always find a way to not have enough time.  It’s all about prioritizing.

I get it, trust me.  The to-do list never ends.  But you can not work yourself to death.  The best thing to do is set aside blocks of time for certain activities, and prioritize the most important tasks.  If you work for yourself, it also is really helpful to set a time each day where you will be completely done. Promise yourself that you’ll close the computer everyday by xyz time and give yourself room to breathe.


Morning and Evening Routines

The way you start and end your day can have an immense impact on everything you do inbetween.  Find a mindful activity that you can do every morning to get yourself in a good headspace for the day.  This can be meditating, moving, a coffee making ritual, reading for a bit-anything that makes you feel grounded and is YOU time.  I always find that when my morning routine is off, my day feels a little hectic as well and my head is never as clear.

When it comes to bedtime, routines or rituals are just as important!  Give yourself time to wind down after working hard. Do some relaxing stretches, reading, journaling, and most importantly not staring at a screen right before trying to sleep!  If you do have to be on the computer (it happens), Macs have an option for “night mode” where you can switch the light to a warmer, less blue light. This allows your body to still produce melatonin so you can drift into sleep easily!  


Having Non-Negotiables

Setting boundaries for yourself of things you value most each day is crucial.  A non-negotiable is just that-something that you aim to do essentially everyday no matter what that will benefit how you show up in every aspect of your life.  These are things you prioritize that set the foundation for everything.

For me this means eating healthy to fuel my body, and movement of some sort.   I know that when these things don’t happen, I can’t show up as my best self. Another non-negotiable should be sleep!!  Aim for 7-8 hours every night.

Keep in mind that you are human, and have grace with yourself.  Sometimes life happens and things come up, but the important part is that you atleast strive for non-negotiables everyday.  


Drop the Comparison Trap

Comparing ourselves to others is the least productive thing we could possibly do.  Stay in your own lane!!! Focusing on what others are doing and you are lacking is not going to get you to where you want to be.  Save that energy for your own hustle, and use it to propel you forward into what you desire.


Manifesting and Acting

Visualization techniques and practicing manifesting can be huge in terms of going after you what you want.  But it’s also important that we follow this visualization with some action steps. Work on creating the image in your mind of exactly what you want. Especially when you feel discouraged, allow your mind to wander into your wildest dreams.  Then, after you can see it and feel it and taste it, ask yourself what you can do to get there. What is one small step you can take TODAY to work towards this vision?


Ultimately, it comes down to working your butt off, but also taking care of yourself and living in alignment.   You can work really hard while simultaneously trusting the process and surrendering to all the magic that can unfold for you!  


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