Turning 28-The Golden Nuggets I’ve Learned

This is a long overdue post I’ve been wanting to do since my birthday back in August, but wanted to wait until the new website was complete before sharing! 


Turning 28 might not seem like that big of a deal.  Afterall, it’s not 30. But after one of the most challenging and growth filled years I’ve ever had, it was monumental to me.  It was a milestone truly for how far I’ve come in one year, and being able to look back 365 days ago to the day I turned 27 and not recognize my life at that time- that felt huge.   


Now that I’m in my “upper 20’s” (yikes) I feel like I’m learning more and more about what’s important in this life and what carries no real meaning.  The year of 27-28 was a real game changer for me, and if I can help just one person by sharing what I’ve learned, than it’s worth sharing.  


So, this is my list of the most important lessons I’ve learned before turning 28.  And as much as I hope it gives you comfort and reminds you of the light, I know that I will be reading it over and over again when life feels heavy and I need the reminder myself. 


1-You truly can not do it all.  Coming from someone who is late for every damn thing because I try to squeeze it all in, trust me on this one.  And read Essentialism by Greg Mckeown.


2- Living in a state of ultimate trust means being undeniably present.  No fear or worry for the future, because you whole heartedly trust the path.  It’s one of the greatest chances at vulnerability that we have.


3-No one will ever listen to you as good as your dog will. 


4- The grass is always greener, NO ONE’s life looks exactly as instagram makes it seem, and every couple has their own set of trials and hardships.  Stay in your own damn lane.    


5-Take time to travel alone.  It doesn’t have to be a big adventure, but go somewhere for at least a few days where you don’t have to be on anyone’s schedule but your own.  It will feel lonely at first, probably even uncomfortable. But it will change you in ways no other experience can.  


6-Music will always be there for you.  And put your headphones in if you don’t want to talk to anyone on the plane.  


7-Moving your body can cure most bad moods.  My go to is running-I highly suggest finding yours!


8-Speaking of, you probably aren’t dancing enough.  Turn that music up.  


9-Being with someone who still thinks the sun shines out of your ass even when you’re at your worst is really important. 


10- Life truly doesn’t need to be so serious.  The greatest thing I ever did was make time to play more and care less.  


11- Choose yourself.


12- And while you’re at it, spend more time alone than you think you need to.


13-Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It’s where the growth lies. 


14-The cookie dough is always worth the stomach ache. 


15- There is huge power in surrounding yourself with a strong, loving, community.  Find yours. (& read this post if you want some tips on how)


16-Figure out what your non-negotiables are.  They are your priority in life, and will steer every goal you have. 


17- Despite what our young minds needed to believe as children in order to survive, our parents are human and do not actually always know best.  But it’s definitely still worth making time to call them, often, and listening to what they have to say.


18-It sounds terribly cliche, but the world needs the most authentic version of you.  YOU have what no one else can offer, so you should do so.  


19- It is 100% acceptable to wear socks with Birkenstocks (sorry, Dad). 


20-Even if you aren’t a huge outdoors person, there’s no denying that Mother Nature is healing and powerful.  Try to spend a little more time beyond man-made walls, it’ll ground you.  


21- Using your precious energy and time to go to a social event you didn’t really want to go to in the first place, just to fulfill your people pleasing tendencies, is never worth it.  Learn how to give less f*cks and watch this Ted Talks video.


22- No one is ever gonna do the work for you.  You MUST learn to cheer yourself on as much as your loved ones do.  


23-There are many seasons in life, and just like winter to summer, none are exactly the same.  There are different joys and pains and goals and challenges in each season, and life becomes a whole lot easier when we learn to flow with the change instead of fight it.  


24-It’s okay to not be okay. 


25-Figure out what brings you sheer, soul filling joy and do those things more often.  Otherwise why are we even here?? 


26- Out of all the people you talk to and conversations you have, the one you hear from the most is yourself.  Make sure it’s kind.  


27- There’s a reason everyone loves a good sunset or sunrise. Slow down enough to catch this magic as often as possible.  


 28- In the end, the only things that really matter are how big you lived and how loud you loved. 


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    Love 3 and 14! Not sure what to think about 17! hahaha Love you

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