My Favorite Grab and Go Snacks (Trail Worthy Too!)

I received product for my work with Munk Pack, though all opinions and endorsements are my own.

Snacking is literally life.  


I’m sure you’ve heard claims that “you shouldn’t snack, it affects your metabolism, etc.”  While this may be true for some people, other’s (like myself) actually need snacks in between meals.  Every single person is different, and I’ll always tell you that what works for your friend doesn’t mean it will be best for YOUR body.  It takes some experimenting and really getting to know your body to figure out just what you need. BUT what everyone needs is fuel and nourishment.  And sometimes that comes in the form of healthy snacks. The key here is healthy. While I’m not suggesting you inhale goldfish or nabisco cookies in between meals, having a snack full of satiating ingredients may be exactly what your fast metabolism needs.  Especially if you are constantly moving your body, like doing a long hike, you need extra fuel!


Luckily for us, there are some amazing brands that make snacks healthy AND convenient.  These go way beyond those ants on a log (although those are still one of my faves). The following snacks are my favorite for on-the-go, and are also perfect for bringing on the trail with you.  Our bodies do SO much for us. Let’s make sure we are giving back to them so they can continue to support our adventures! Plus, your tastebuds will be happy too.


1- Munk Pack Protein Cookie

One of my more recent discoveries, and now wondering how I ever went without this brand.  This cookie is SO good, it tastes like it could be homemade! It also has 18g of protein per serving, which is just what you need in a filling snack.  They are soy, dairy, and egg free, and full of fiber and good fats. AND there’s no fake sugar, thank goodness! Munk Pack also has oatmeal fruit squeezes, that have zero added sugar and are filled with omega-3’s and fiber.  Munk Pack is definitely changing the game for avid hikers, athletes, and the busy on-the-go’ers (so,everyone)!  Not only are they found in Whole Foods and Sprouts, but they just launched in Target!! As if we need another reason to give Target our money.    


2-Simple Mills Crackers

I feel like I preach Simple Mills on a daily basis, but it’s only because they can do no wrong.  Every single one of their products is amazing, from their baking mixes, to their pizza crusts, to crackers!  Their almond flour crackers literally only have 8 ingredients, no fluffy fillers, AND are gluten free if you need that.  The best part is, they not only come in standard packaging but also little snack packs for easy grab and go!


3-Perfect Bars

I’ve mentioned Perfect Bars in countless blog posts, because they just never get old.  They are one of the few bars that I actually enjoy (read-am addicted to) and are also one of the only ones that are kept in the refrigerator because they’re fresh!!  They are full of superfoods, protein, and no nonsense. Also perfect for grab and go, because they can be kept out of the fridge for up to one week! Another awesome trail fuel option.  Try the peanut butter chocolate chip, your life will never be the same.


4- RX Nut Butter Packs

For my nut butter lovers, these are crack in a little squeeze pouch.  The flavors are unreal, like Maple Almond Butter, and Cinnamon Honey Peanut Butter. They contain 9 grams of protein, and are made with the simplest ingredients: one egg white, ½ a date, and nuts!  Squeeze it straight into your mouth, or onto those Simple Mills crackers we talked about earlier. YUM.


5- Epic Provisions Bars

Meat in a bar form?  I know, it sounds questionable but it’s more like high performance jerky.  Epic products are inspired by our ancestors-think hunter and gatherer style food.  They have minimal ingredients and use high quality meat. The perfect savory snack when you want high protein and low sugar.  Their jerky and meat bites are also amazing, as well as the mason jar bone broth!


Happy Snacking friends!


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