Why You Should Use Positive Affirmations

“I am” and what follows it is one of the most powerful phrases we can possibly conjure up.  

I’ll save the monstrosity and power of mentality and positive thinking for a different post, but know that the effect of what you tell yourself and the conversations inside of your head is more than just woo woo shit.  Every single one of us has the power to manifest our reality, and it all starts with our thoughts.

I’ve found that positive affirmations can be one of the most helpful tools when going through challenges, feeling stuck, or just needing general encouragement.  In a culture that can lean towards focusing on the negative more than the magic, it is CRUCIAL that we create our own positive sunshine. Sometimes the love that surrounds us gets overshadowed by fear and guilt and feelings of lack.  Whether this stems from past childhood wounds (it so often does), current life situations, or just the fear to step into the person you truly are and own your purpose, you need to know that you are capable of everything you want to become!


Here are my top 10 “I am” affirmations that I’m using on the reg in my life right now.  Feel free to take on these as your own, or use them as a kick start to create ones that fit your current path!  


1- I am creative.


2- I am abundant, and money flows to me easily.


3- I am trusting that the Universe has my back, and I am always being guided.


4- I am loved.


5-I am too big of a gift to waste my special talents and not step into my purpose.


6- I am the manager of my own time, and there is plenty of it to finish everything I need to.


7- I am ready to take up space, because no one benefits from me playing small.


8-I am open to receiving.


9- I am playing a big role in my own career success, and I am willing to do the work to reap the benefits.


10- I am getting out of my own way, and creating the life of my dreams.


So now that you’ve got some ideas to kick your own booty via your mentality, what do you do with it?  How do you let these words consistently sink into your psyche until they become what you live and breathe?

You need to see them CONSTANTLY, so they start to become habitual thoughts.

Sticky notes are not just for the 90’s.  I live for sticky notes with inspiration on them.  Write down your fave affirmations (that maybe you don’t even believe just yet) and stick them all.over.your.house. I mean everywhere.  The fridge, the toilet, your blender, that lamp next to your bed, your dog’s bowl. Even when you don’t even make a conscious effort to read them, you’ll constantly be seeing the words.  Another idea is using an expo marker to write on your mirrors (like this) or setting an alarm on your phone that goes off a few times a day with your written reminder. Do you mediate? Awesome.  Pick an affirmation every morning and repeat it over and over during your session.


It takes a slight extra effort, but really the work is nothing compared to the incredible effect that this will have on your confidence and your day to day life.


What affirmation are you loving right now?  Leave me a comment and share below!! We can all benefit from knowing we aren’t alone, and others affirmations might be just what we are looking for in our own life.    


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