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Your Guide to Amazing At-Home Workouts

I absolutely love a good group sweat session.  A big source of happiness for me is going to spin class, kickboxing cardio with my mom, and a butt kicking weights class.  BUT, my travel lifestyle doesn’t always allow for a guided workout at a cute studio gym. Luckily this is 2019 and like most things, online workouts are just a click away.   I…

The Pre-workout Recipe I Swear By

Even though it may appear as if I jump out of bed every morning ready to run 10 miles, that is definitely not the case.  As much as I love working out first thing in the morning, your girl needs some extra energy sometimes! I have tried a ton of different pre workouts, and I think I FINALLY found the magic recipe.  Did you know that most…

What 2018 Taught Me

I think that New Years goals and resolutions can be a tricky situation.  Our culture likes to pressure us to use this time to become a perfect human and set a ridiculous amount of standards for ourselves just because it’s a new set of 365 days.   With that being said, I think that setting goals is amazing.  It’s the how and why that matters. I like…

Featured Fave: Thinksport Sunscreen

Being I’m currently in Costa Rica where the sun shines extra strong, even on rainy days, sunscreen is life.  I recently talked briefly about Thinksport sunscreen in the beauty products blog post, but let’s dive deeper.   First of all, sunscreen is not just for surfers living in Australia.  You should wear sunscreen on your face every single…

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