A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day can be seen as a really silly holiday. It’s all this pressure to show your significant other that you love them ONE DAY OF THE YEAR. What the heck?  The media creates all of this pressure to not be single on Valentines day, to spend a lot of money on your partner, and buy material possessions for a Hallmark card holiday.


I don’t like that fluff.  


But, what I do like, is the reminder to live in love.  Which Valentine’s Day can be, if you choose to flip your perspective about it.  


Let go of this idea that it’s about receiving flowers (but don’t get me wrong, I love sunflowers or peonies as much as the next girl), spending money, and that you HAVE to be in a relationship or else it’s doomsday.  


Use Valentine’s Day as a reminder of how much we should love, every single day.

And you know what the best love is?  The love you give to yourself.


So this year for Valentine’s day, I’m deciding to celebrate ME.  It’s a big deal. Want to join me?!


Five things you can do for YOU on Valentine’s Day:


♥Write yourself a love letter

If you do nothing else, do this.  Have you ever written yourself a letter professing your love? I didn’t think so. No better time than the present!  No one is going to read this but you, so don’t over think it and let your pen lead the way. You’ll feel silly at first, but move past that and just keep writing.  What do you love about yourself? What do you want to thank yourself for? What do you want to acknowledge yourself for?

♥Take a break from your rigid workout routine and ask your body what it really wants today.

This may not apply to everyone, but sometimes we get caught up in the workout cycle and forget to check in with what our body actually wants to do.  If just for this day, get quiet and see how your body feels. Are you tired? Full of energy? Sore? Ready to run? Whatever it needs, do more of that.  Maybe that means trading your morning run in for a peaceful meditative walk. Or forgoing yoga and attempting to run for 15 minutes instead!


♥Get yourself flowers

Obviously.  Those sunflowers aren’t gonna buy themselves!! You don’t need anyone to get them for you, take care of that feng shui in your house yourself!  


♥Spend some time organizing/cleaning something you’ve been putting off.

I know, this is a weird one.  This sounds particularly awful for people like me who dread cleaning.  But you know how good it feels when you stop procrastinating that stuff and just get it done?!  It’s a weight lifted, and just think how much energetic space you’re making room for now that that isn’t on the back of your mind.  


♥Choose courage

Courage to be yourself, wholly and unapologetically.  Courage to do the things in life that you truly desire.  Courage to follow your passion, and take up space in this world.  Courage to love yourself for YOU and see your ‘flaws’ as things that make you uniquely perfect.  


These are just a handful of ideas, but if none of these sound good, simply ask yourself what you need to do today to feel joy.  And then do that!

All of these things are so great on Vday, but now the real practice comes in when we can incorporate them into our daily lives.  How can you show up for yourself more? Where are you lacking in the self love department?


Write yourself a love note on Valentine’s day and tag me on social media if you do!!



The ultimate self love?  Taking care of yourself from the inside out.

Email me at gina@runningwildwellness.com to learn more about my Health Coaching Program, and learn how you can feel empowered through food and movement!


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  1. Linda Black says

    Seriouslyl, well written. I’ve never written myself a love letter. Did it! Feels amazing to acknowledge me for me!

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