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SUPPLEMENTS.  It seems like people are eating vitamins as candy these days, which is obviously a better choice than actual candy.  But it can seem so overwhelming trying to figure out what supplements are actually necessary vs things you take daily and have no idea why.  I used to take supplements based on the look of the package and their clever marketing (I’m every sale person’s dream), but then I actually started doing some research to figure out what the best ones for me are!  If you eat a diet consisting mainly of whole foods, there isn’t a need to be swallowing a million vitamins a day.  That being said, supplements should never be a replacement for a real food diet.  You can’t eat processed food all day everyday, but take 10 vitamins and hope it cancels out.  Although how convenient would that be?  Supplements work best in conjunction with a balanced diet of mainly whole foods.  Keep in mind that not all are created equal.  There are some pretty shady companies out there that put low quality things on the market.  It’s so important to make sure that you trust a company before committing to a sometimes expensive new daily habit! These are my current fave supplements (in pill form, I take a few other things in a powder but I’ll save that for another post!) that I take daily, and why I think they are so great!

VeganZyme Global Healing digestive enzyme

Global Healing Center is an awesome brand that uses high quality ingredients.  Currently I’ve been using their enzyme daily, but they have so many other amazing products!  So why would we want to take an enzyme anyway?  Enyzmes are super important in the process of breaking down foods, and making sure that we actually absorb all the good nutrients we eat!  These are referred to as “digestive enzymes.”  They help the body break down fiber, protein, carbs, and fats.  You know when you even eat a healthy meal such as beans and a lot of veggies and it still makes you feel bloated or gassy (don’t lie, you know it happens to everyone)?!  Enzymes help combat those awkward digestion side effects.

When taking an enzyme as a “systemic enzyme”, it helps to maintain overall health.  It will aid in the breakdown of excess mucus, allergens, toxins, and help prevent the overgrowth of yeast.  A systemic enzyme also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

I’ve been using VeganZyme for digestion aid, so I take it with the first bite of a meal, or about 20 minutes after eating.  To use it for systemic aid, take it 30 minutes before a meal, or 2 hours after eating.

One of my favorite things about Global Healing’s enzyme is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated!  This means you can carry it in your bag while traveling or purse to make sure you always have digestion support on hand.

Head here to stock up on VeganZyme!


Ritual Essential for Women daily multivitamin

I discovered Ritual a few months ago, and I’ll never take another multivitamin again!!  So many multivitamins are stuffed with things you don’t actually require on a daily basis.  My favorite part about Ritual is that they only use 9 nutrients, and they are the ones women lack most:

Magnesium: plays crucial role in enzyme reactions, cell protein activity, and improves sleep

Vitamin D3: supports calcium absorption, bone health, immune system maintenance, and can improve mood

Vitamin B12: provides healthy energy levels

Folate: Helps to make new blood cells and supports mood

Vitamin K2: supports bone and cardiovascular health and supports healthy skin

Vitamin E: antioxidant

Omega 3: supports joints, cardiovascular, and brain health

Boron: assists other nutrients to support bone, joint, and brain health

Iron: plays important role in mood and energy levels

I get this multivitamin directly from Ritual’s website, and you can sign up for  a subscription to get a new bottle auto sent to you every month!  The subscription is also easily adjustable if you miss a few days.


SilverFern Brand Probiotic

I am pretty passionate about gut health, and will do an entirely separate post going into all the gut goods later.  But for now, it is crucial to know the importance of a GOOD daily probiotic supplement!  Pretty much the entirety of our health is dependent upon our gut bacteria.  Did you know that 70% of our immune tissue is located in our gut?  And actually, we are made up of more bacteria cells than human cells!!  We require probiotics to fight the bad bacteria in our systems.  Even with a stellar diet, we need the help of probiotics to support our immune systems and provide key nutrients.  Taking a daily probiotic can also support a healthy mood, because a huge portion of our serotonin lies in the gut!

This might sound like a lot, but once you get in the habit of taking supplements only when necessary, it just becomes part of your routine!  These 3 little pills hold so much power, I can’t recommend them enough!


If you want to hear about enzymes, multivitamins, or probiotics in more detail, don’t hesitate to ask!


This post was sponsored by Global Healing Center.  All opinions are my own.

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