The Kitchen Makeover Series- Oils

The kitchen makeover series continues!  With coconut oil getting a bad rap in the media yet again, I wanted to focus this one on healthy oils.  Last Kitchen Makeover Series was all about nut butter, peep that post if you haven’t seen it yet.  And if you’re new to the Kitchen Makeover Series- it’s multiple posts all about swapping out a common kitchen item for a healthier one!  

So let’s talk oils- it can be a confusing world.  The most common oil found in kitchens, restaurants, and packaged food is canola oil.   If there is anything you get from reading this, it’s to stop using canola oil!!! 

What’s so awful about canola oil? 

It sounds harmless, but unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth.  MOST canola oil is genetically modified.  Studies show that GMO products can literally contribute to kidney and liver issues!  Not to mention loss of nutrients. That is not something you want to mess with.  Canola oil can also lead to inflammation, causing heart issues and hypertension.  It’s partially hydrogenated, which means it lowers good cholesterol and raises the bad kind.  Are you ready to toss that bottle yet?! Let’s talk about some healthier alternatives…I promise you won’t even miss the canola! 

All of these oils are the GOOD kind of fats-the ones that fill you up and can actually burn fat!  They raise good cholesterol, and help stabilize blood sugar. 

Coconut oil

Yes, coconut oil is SO controversial.  I wrote a whole post on it here for good reference.  But, generally speaking, coconut oil is LIFE.  It has so many amazing health benefits, and a high heat threshold, so it’s perfect for cooking! You can also swap it out for vegetable oils or butter when baking. 

Olive oil 

Olive oil doesn’t have as high of a heat threshold, so it’s not the best option for cooking.  It is perfect though for topping veggies with and sprinkling on salads!  I also like to put a little splash on top of my avocado toast, SO yummy!  

Avocado oil 

Avocado oil can be used for all the things!  Cooking, salads, baking.  It does it all!  Like coconut oil, it has a high heat threshold for cooking. If you don’t like the taste of coconut oil, then avocado is for you! Because it comes in liquid form, it’s super easy to use and the nutritional benefits can’t be beat! 


It’s also important to note that canola oil is hiding in many packaged items, some that are even advertised as “healthy.”  Become a label detective, and read those labels before making any purchases!  Healthier alternatives are always available.  If you have any questions about a specific product containing canola that you want to find a healthier option for, feel free to reach out! 

What is your favorite oil to cook with?! 

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    Great summary on the benefits of choosing good oils!
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