Wellness-More Than Just Eating Kale

You know I am passionate about food.  I mean, I love to eat. But I’m passionate about food being medicine, and the wonders a diet full of real, whole foods can do.  But I want to talk about something that some tend to forget when they are making dietary changes to reach a more healthy lifestyle-living in wellness is so much more than the food on your plate!!


It’s all about the holistic approach-mind body and spirit.  I love ghee and turmeric just as much as the next health freak, but what else do I truly believe in when it comes to living a more fulfilled and healthier life?


5 tips to a healthier lifestyle that have nothing to do with food:



I won’t lie to you guys, I’m in desperate need of sleep as I write this.  How ironic. But that’s not always the case and I strive for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep most nights!  Not every night of the week, because that’s not realistic and this girl’s gotta run early. But do you know how much sleep (or lack of!) can affect you?!    

Sleep is crucial for tissue repair & muscle growth, hormone balancing, strengthening the immune system, staying focused, creativity, mood, libido, and overall energy (duh).  When I was younger I used to think that the less I slept the cooler I was. ..What? Like doing more on less sleep makes you powerful or something. That’s not true, not sleeping on purpose is not cool.  Aim for 7-9 hours of nightly sleep as often as possible!

*I can do an entire post on sleep tips specifically if anyone is interested!*


2-Let go of the stress

Ah stress.  A buzzword I actually believe has the power to control your life, if you let it.  Go here to see a post for alllll the deets on stress and a little bit of science to back it up.

But know that it is a freakin monster.  Stress can seriously eff your digestion, cause weight gain, weaken your immune system, and do some real damage to your mood, just to name a few.  Incorporate some meditation into your life and get outside to lower those cortisol levels. More stress reducing tips here!


3- Find a career you are passionate about

This may seem obvious, but being in work that you hate is really going to affect your quality of life.  It’s hard to hear, I know. But if you literally DREAD going to work every single day, you might not be in the right career.  Find what you are passionate about, and figure out how to make a job out of it. What lights you up? Even makes you a little angry?  Act on that. OR maybe it’s not realistic to find a new job right now or suddenly become an entrepreneur (shit is hard you guys)…what can you do in your current career position to bring a little love in?  Or is it simply just a change in mentality (think about the benefits of your current work and the good it does)?


4- Practice self care

Something I feel so strongly about!  Caring for yourself. Taking time to rest or do what brings you joy or honor your heart and needs.  You work so hard, and you deserve to chill sometimes and have fun! Whether it’s being alone reading a book, or having dinner with best friends, what fills you up?? You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Meaning, we can’t show up in this life as our very best selves if we are drained and empty. Get a massage, go for a walk, call your bestie, watch mindless TV like Spongebob Squarepants (hey no judging), just sit and drink coffee, break a sweat, say “no” to people who drain your energy, bake cookies, or whatever else you need for YOU.  It’s not being lazy or unproductive or any other negative association word you can think of. It is NECESSARY.


5- Live in gratitude

Grateful AF.  A hashtag I’m trying to spread.  But seriously, living in gratitude is a serious game changer.  Gratitude reminds us that This is a constant practice, but isn’t everything?  Being grateful simply for what IS has honestly changed my life. Chris is constantly reminding me of what there is to be grateful for at any point I am frustrated or dealing with a tough issue.  Although it can be quite annoying and I want to throw a punch when I’m seriously pissed and I hear this voice say “It could be worse”, I am always glad in the end for the reminder. Because it’s true.  We have SO much abundance. All of us. I know you do because you have the technology to read this.

So try starting your morning listing a few things you are grateful for.  The weather? Your pup? Your amazing bf? That great workout you had? Strong coffee?  It can be anything big or small. Starting our morning in gratitude can set the tone for the entire day, and practicing gratitude when things are going great will remind us to live in gratitude when times are tough.  


What can you do today to give yourself some wellness?  I’d love to hear what you come up with!!


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