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I had the absolute privilege of attending Mind Body Green Revitalize two weeks ago.  Revitalize is an invitation only (!!) wellness conference that brings together about 250 of some of the top dogs in the wellness industry and beyond.  Doctors, yogi’s, athletes, astronauts, scientists, nutritionists, skin experts, and more all come together to connect and share their game changing knowledge and passions.  It was unreal, and quite possibly the most magical experience I’ve ever been apart of! I still feel as if it was all a dream.

From all the smoothies I could possibly consume to an overnight oats bar available at any time to work outs  & sound baths in a beautiful tent in the desert-it was unreal!!!  But instead of me giving you every detail of each amazing speaker or kundalini yoga or meditation, I thought it would be best if I summed up my biggest takeaways for you!  Some are from presenters that really stuck with me, and others are my own gatherings. That I believe every single person can benefit from hearing 🙂 After all, one of my goals of participating in life changing events like this is so I can bring back some magic to YOU!  



My biggest lessons learned from Revitalize:


1-Alignment over hustle

This is straight from Shaman Durek, look him up if you haven’t heard of him!  He is an incredible human. This was really powerful for me. How often do we hear from society that we just need to hustle more??  The pressure to always be doing more, making more, seeing more, is so intense. But what if we just took a step back, slowed down a bit, and decided to get into the flow of the universe instead?  When you are in alignment and the flow, you are connecting with who you are meant to connect with and the opportunities you are meant to receive will come to you. This starts by slowing down enough to ask yourself what it is that you really want to be doing?  Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel?



2-There is power in human connections

This is something I have always believed, but it was really solidified this weekend.  We all have different gifts to contribute, and just because someone has a similar gift to you, doesn’t mean you should share yours any less.  Instead of competing with one another, we should focus on coming together to share those gifts a little louder. Together I think we can really raise the vibrations a little higher.  



3-Love without reason

This is from LaRayia Gaston, the founder of Lunch On Me.  Lunch On Me is a nonprofit organization providing nutrition and holistic services to the homeless (read more about it herehere-it will move you!).  Her presentation was so powerful, and I’m pretty sure the whole audience was in tears. Their mantra is Love Without Reason, something I think everyone can benefit from.  How much better would the world be if we all decided to give a little without expectation? To serve for the sole purpose of lifting up another human? To love even though you aren’t sure exactly why?  I’ve been trying to incorporate this concept into my daily life, and it has honestly helped me be a little more giving, patient and understanding!



For Revitalize, we all got to order a personalized My Intent bracelet with the word of our choice on it to wear all weekend.  What do you need to be reminded of right now? I chose trust as my word. It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that often gets overlooked in my life.  Maybe yours too? I can lean towards stressful ways, and am really trying to just have a little more trust. Trusting that I am exactly where I am meant to be.  Trusting that although it’s a transitional phase in my life right now, I will learn and grow and overcome any challenges. By trusting, we open our hearts to receive exactly what we are meant to.  Trust that the Universe (God, higher spirit, whatever you want to call it!) is magic and sometimes you just have to let go. And also, trust yourself! Your own knowledge, power, and passions.



5-Self confidence

Okay so this isn’t exactly a new lesson learned, but this experience reminded me that confidence isn’t only nice to have, but it’s necessary!  Especially if you want to share your gifts with the world in the most powerful way. Being an extrovert this weekend definitely came in handy, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had to just walk up and introduce myself to so many strangers in my life!  Not to mention some of these strangers were some of the people I look up to most in the wellness field! Still pinching myself that I actually got to meet them (Reiki with Kelsey Patel, say what?!). But, I gave myself a pep talk before hand because I knew I would be slightly (read-very) intimidated.  I reminded myself that I’m meant to be here, and opened space for endless opportunities. The people I met were all so kind and amazing, and it was definitely my favorite part of the weekend! Not only did I make new friends, but I learned SO much from some amazing leaders that I otherwise wouldn’t have if I was too afraid to go start a conversation!  The inspiration I received was more than I could ever ask for.


I hope you felt like you got a little glimpse into the magic I experienced at Revitalize.  I am so grateful to be in a community that allows me to go to amazing events like this, and I received endless inspiration that I can take with me on my wellness journey and contribute to bigger things!  


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    I love this post!
    Great information and insight into Revitalize!

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    Such an excellent read!thanks for sharing your revitalize experience. 🙂

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    Nice post! I wish I can attend in events like this. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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