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What I Learned at Mind Body Green Revitalize

I had the absolute privilege of attending Mind Body Green Revitalize two weeks ago.  Revitalize is an invitation only (!!) wellness conference that brings together about 250 of some of the top dogs in the wellness industry and beyond.  Doctors, yogi’s, athletes, astronauts, scientists, nutritionists, skin experts,…

Wellness-More Than Just Eating Kale

You know I am passionate about food.  I mean, I love to eat. But I’m passionate about food being medicine, and the wonders a diet full of real, whole foods can do.  But I want to talk about something that some tend to forget when they are making dietary changes to reach a more healthy lifestyle-living in wellness is so much more than the food on…

Living in the Flow of Abundance

Did you know that abundance is always an option?? It’s constantly there.   You might be like “Okay, what does that even mean?”  Hear me out.  It is an important concept that I’m continually working on grasping!  Abundance is the feeling of plenty.  We live in a society that encourages us we always need more, no matter what.  And that who we are,…

Supplement Support

SUPPLEMENTS.  It seems like people are eating vitamins as candy these days, which is obviously a better choice than actual candy.  But it can seem so overwhelming trying to figure out what supplements are actually necessary vs things you take daily and have no idea why.  I used to take supplements based on the look of the package and their clever…

About Me

Running Wild Wellness

I believe in kindness, medicine in the form of food, and inspiring others to be their best selves in order to live life to the fullest.

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